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Monday, February 27, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again pt 2

Check out part One if you missed it the first time.

'I am in charge' I thought. With his arms bound, there wasn't much he could do. I slowly rolled onto my back and pushed myself between his thighs until I was just past his thick cock. From underneath his bobbing member was even more impressive.

Gulping I tore my gaze from the intimidating rod, following the trail of dark hair to his firm stomach and continuing to his pecs lightly specled with more hair. I finally reached his stubbled jaw and saw his full lips turned into a smirk.

"Changing the game a bit, mistress?" His blue eyes sparkled with mischief and something else.

My mouth suddenly felt dry and my womb clenched in anticipation. There was something in Pauls gaze that made my insides turn to mush. I couldn't start making this into more than it was. No matter how my heart stuttered. Something more was happening. Something I didn't understand. Blinking, I ignored that train of thought and wrapped my lips around his thick, salty goodness. Paul moaned as I slid his cock down my throat. The contrast of silk and steel rubbing the top and sides of my mouth. Sweet and salty flavor leaked onto my tongue. Closing my eyes I lifted my head to take him more fully into my mouth. "" Paul groaned. His hips moving of their own accord. His passion would be his undoing. As always