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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Hello, all! Sorry about the long sabbatical. But I have plenty of stories to heat your blood and comfort you on these long lonely nights. Of course, I had to sample them for...accuracy...yea that's it. ;)

Paul knew exactly how I liked to play. As the song goes "Save a horse, ride a cowboy". Well giddy up, partner. Paul and I have played these games before and he was ready for me just like always. You would never know from looking at him that he loved to be dominated, especially by a petite woman with a mean-streak. 
     I ran my hands over the smooth, tight globes of his ass. The muscles flexing under my palm, I pulled back my hand giving the bare skin a stinging slap. His body bucked before me and a well- formed pink hand print began to form on his perfect skin. It was impossible to restrain a smile.
   "What do you say, my stallion?" I asked. I knew what he wanted but he had to beg for it. Just thinking about what I was doing turned me on. This strong, gorgeous man at my mercy. Logically I knew he could overpower me at any time, even with his hands bound above his head, his back arched with his ass in the air. He still held all the power. I leaned forward laying a gentle kiss on the raised welt.
"Again, mistress." He growled. I reached around his body to his full erection and he moaned. He was all ready hard. I lightly ran my hand over the silky hardness to the smooth tip, leaking with pre-come. I gave him a firm squeeze, and he groaned. Leaning back I reached for the leather strap lying next to me.
Running my hand over the firm muscles of his thighs, feeling the curly hairs beneath. Moisture dripped down the inside of my thigh. Pulling back I stroked the soft strip across his bare ass. Just enough to let him know I had not forgotten him. Quickly I pulled my arm back, swinging the strap. The snap made me jump and Paul cursed in pleasure.
I ran one hand along the inside of his leg, while my other stroked the newest welt. I cupped the heavy sacs, relishing the feel of them, rolling them in my palm.
What if I changed the rules a bit? Maybe slide onto my back, scootch myself between his legs and take that long, thick rod between my lips? What would he do? We haven't ventured into that level of intimacy yet.

To Be Continued...